E…state 2018 Livigno summer 2018 full of emotions

A great summer rich of emotions, new disoveries and adventures!!!

THANKS to our GUESTS of chalet Nada,  adults and small guests

for sharing with us the walkings and excursions accompanied by Marco,  along Marco,  along trails, easy but also empervious,

with the sun or the rain,  to discover anecdotes and traditions for our alpine territory and fantastic views that Livigno gives us,

THANKS for being with us and now …   and now let’s leave the colors of autumn as a present as a gift from the mountain!

… stiamo già preparando qualche nuova sorpresa per la prossima estate…  quindi rimanete sintonizzati.

A warm hug from our family …  Nada Marco Matteo Giorgio e Simone


Some shots to make you coming back a little bit with your mind to the summer spent in our valley …