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Our little mountain lakes, like water mirrors, embraced by the mountains!

Mountain lakes: amazing water mirrors, embedded in the silence!

You don’t need much, if you wish to dive into the most authentic and silent nature. Your feelings will open up like an explosion when you’ll face those little-big water mirrors, with their shades of blue and green. A unique experience: THESE ARE OUR MOUNTAIN LAKES!!!

We like to take our guests along the paths of our Livigno valley – to share with them the wonderful feelings which only nature can offer, and see the big joy on their faces…

Of course it takes fatigue, patience and sweat to hike under the sun, under the clouds when they are calling the rain – but when you reach the top, your hearth will open wide and you will forget the trouble, enjoying a very special feeling!!!

These water mirrors are enchanting, most of all they will capture the youngest, who immediately take off their boots, socks and pants to play in the refreshing water.

We love nature, the mountain and we aim to share these emotions with you…  so put on your hiking shoes and the back-pack —let’s go!!!

Marco, Nada with our little-big children Matteo, Giorgio & Simone


These are some of the mountain lakes around Livigno valley

Valletta lakes, 2646m and Val Mera pass, 2671mt

Lago del Monte 2601mt

Lago Vago is located in a basin at the western slopes of Monte Vago (m. 3059).
On sunny days, due to the copper sulfate the colour of the water turn into an amazing turquoise. The shade changes, according the different perspectives. The stones in the emissary stream are covered by a white surface.

Forcola lakes 2650mt

Lago Nero 2545 m, under Monte Rocca


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