View from Crap de la Parè

This hike to Crap de la Parè is suitable to everyone, included our little curious guests; escorted by our guide Marco we start off from Passo Eira, to climb up slowly on a gravel wide trail, which becomes more and more a narrow trail.

Crap de la Parè (m. 2393) is a wonderful scenic point: on top there is a big cross, which is illuminated overnight by spotlights.
The view is extraordinary. At south-west the long Livigno valley, closed by the peculiar contour of monte Vago. On the west side a special perspective of Val Federia, with Piz Cassana and Mount Cassana, to the right its homonym pass. In foreground, to the north, the remote and wild Saliente and Cantone valleys, dominated by the regular and peaked contour of Mount Saliente, which comes out from a huge grassy mountain side.

The eyes are captured from the right side by a huge rocky tooth, the Fopèl peak. On its back it rises the more nuanced Punta dell’Acqua. Talking about water, here comes again the lake of Livigno. On its right side we can see the massive side of Cassa del Ferro and the Pizzo del Ferro. Continuing clockwise, from the east we see the groove of Valle Alpisella, on its right the Mount Pettini shoes its peaky contour. At south-east a new valley appears, Val Pila, that flows in the Trepalle basin, dominated by the peak of Lago Nero. On the south the Foscagno Pass, Trepalle basin and Vallaccia. On its right side we easily point out the long slope of the Mottolino skiing area with the mountain transports. We can also see Cima Piazzi in Valdidentro…
We walk back slowly, staying on the same trail.

Ready…we are looking forward to meeting you for another adventure TOGETHER!!!